Empowering business owners and entrepreneurs around the world to overcome interruptions in the family business cycle

A lifelong learner with a flair for innovation, Raméz A. Baassiri has been schooled for over two decades+ in his family business—a distinct, vital form of business that comprises the vast majority of all firms in the United States, the European Union, the Middle East, and Japan. Having entered the world of business on the ground floor—despite the fact that the company had his last name on it—Raméz quickly developed a keen understanding and appreciation for the intricacies and nuances of family business. As someone who knows that the difference is in the details, Raméz holds strongly the belief that great success comes not from grand gestures or executive power moves, but rather from the small wins of the day-to-day and teamwork.

As a board member of multinational, multigenerational family business, Raméz cherishes the opportunity to be part of successfully guiding the firm that was sparked as a result of his ancestors journey over a century ago. But as a global citizen, Raméz also is keen to share with others all that he gains and learns from a life of vast experiences. An author and graduate of a doctoral program, Raméz is a firm believer in education through storytelling—a concept that can, and does, change the world for the better.

In life, it is imperative that every person—and every business—has their “why”; the reason for doing what they do. This concept, better known as one’s Mass Transformative Purpose, is what creates meaning and purpose in day-to-day activities, and through his speaking and writing, Raméz champions the effort to help others find their Mass Transformative Purpose.

Raméz A. Baassiri brings to life the reality of keeping the spark of entrepreneurship alive, whilst never forgetting the responsibility expected from those to whom much is given.
—Dr. Ravi A. Fernando, Executive-in-Residence, INSEAD Business School