Beyond Own Borders

The Benefit of Seeing Beyond Your Own Borders

In a previous post, I discussed the importance of being a global citizen, particularly in today’s globalized society.  Becoming a citizen of the world gives one the ability to think bigger and consider greater opportunities.

Traveling, seeing the world, and seeking new challenges are some of the most important ways you can evolve as a person and as a business leader, because these actions force you to see the world through the eyes of new and often drastically different views, cultures, and innovations.  Embracing this approach to life will become an asset to your business in so many ways.

My ancestors were willing to recognize opportunities and go where they led, interjecting themselves into whatever societies they wound up in, be it in Brazil, Africa, or the Gulf States, learning from the culture and growing their businesses within them. Like mentioned before, you must have a global view if you are going to thrive as a global citizen.

Success Through Expansion

Many years ago, my maternal great-grandfather was a nobleman who ruled an area bordering the Levant area in the Middle East. He worked to strengthen his power and reach by placing each of his kids in different cities and regions so that he could secure and wield his power more effectively.

Expanding logistically will inevitably lead to expansion philosophically – allowing yourself to be open to new ideas and evolve in your own view. In other ways, exposure to different cultures and ideas may even solidify your point of view from a global perspective.  This point of view will be strengthened from a diversified mindset, which in-and-of-itself is an asset.

Ultimately, taking on a global perspective will strengthen your confidence and purpose. If you’re able to see a problem not just from your own culturally inherent angles but from a point of view informed by the cultural dispositions of nations around the world, it gives you an invaluable belief in yourself and the confidence to implement ideas rather than just dream them.

Consider your status in becoming a global citizen and commit to engaging more with the world.  Learn more about building a successful global business by reading my book.