Planning with Purpose

None of us know what tomorrow will bring; what we do know is the future will include change.  We must be prepared to embrace it.  Instead of bracing for, and reacting to, change, we should accept it as inevitable and approach it proactively. In our family business, we expect our business cycles to end eventually, which is why we created an investment fund that encourages the generation of new ideas and promotes better communication.

When we recognize the reality of change and prepare for natural interruptions that will occur within our families and businesses, we will be much more successful in addressing those changes and challenges as they present themselves.  The investment fund our family created is one of the strongest tools we have to counter the concern over what the future might hold and when a new business cycle may begin.

Creating opportunities for growth takes planning. Purpose-driven funds are perfect for handling a wide range of interruptions. And if you plan your purpose and follow it through with allocated funds, ambition knows no bounds. We have been able to move from one place to another, from one business to another, conducting our present business as we also plan for the future—a new kind of future that we may have yet to envision.

Investing in those things in life that you want to encourage incoming generations are invaluable. Funds allow you to cultivate the next generation so that they can handle a broad range of interruptions in entrepreneurship and have the peace of mind and skills to enhance their business resources for others to benefit from. Funds are there to help out but, as each preceding generation reminds the next, they are not to be relied upon. It is up to the members of each succeeding generation to ultimately create their own futures and to plow, plant, nurture, and harvest the fruits of their labors. In being available for these important parts of life, these funds also build the spirit, allowing for more time and resources to benefit the community and help others.

When you plan with the future in mind, anything is possible regardless of the changes that will come.  Planning with purpose means funding your future. Learn more about how our family business has successfully implemented a funding structure which allows us to plan for the future, and how you can do the same for your family business.